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Cufflinks and Studs are generally worn with most formal shirts and may also be referred to as 'Formal Jewelry.' We receive a number of questions asking how to insert the Cufflinks and Studs into the shirt. The information below should be just what you need to properly wear your jewelry.
When you rent your tuxedo, it will come with a small bag containing two Cufflinks and four Studs. The color of your jewelry may vary depending on your choice of tux style.   Cufflinks and Studs
Step 1:
With your shirt on, pinch the cuffs of your sleeve together in the manner shown.

You may be tempted to fold the edges of the cuffs together to form a cylinder shape, but it's best to wear your cuffs in the manner shown.
  Pinch the cuffs of your sleeve together...
Step 2:
Insert the Cufflink through both holes in the shirt's cuff. The colored part of the Cufflink (usually black or ivory), should face the outside when your arm is at your side.
  Insert the Cufflink through the holes...
Step 3:
On the backside of the cuff, flip the bar to hold the Cufflink in place.

Locate your set of Studs for the next step...
  Flip the backside to secure the Cufflink...
Step 4:
Most tuxedo shirts will have specially designed Stud holes in place of button holes.

Each Stud should first be fed through the back Stud hole on the formal shirt. Ignore the pearl button that may be present on your shirt. It is not needed if studs are worn.
  Insert the Stud through the back hole...
Step 5:
Then, with the Stud acting as a button, feed it through the front hole in the formal shirt. This will secure the shirt front closed.

Smooth out any wrinkles your fingers may have made and move on to the next three Studs. After that, you're ready for your formal event!
  Insert the Stud through the front hole...
Please Note:
If you're wearing a bow tie with your tuxedo, you will definitely need to wear Studs in the front of your formal shirt.

If you are wearing a windsor tie with your tuxedo, you will only receive Cufflinks with your tuxedo. No Studs are necessary as they would be covered by the tie.

If you need additional assistance, don't hesitate to call your local Mister Penguin store where you rented your tuxedo - or - see the sidebar for methods to contact us for help!
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