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Back in the old days, when a host printed 'Black Tie Invited' on the invitations to an event, they expected their guests would show up in tuxedos. These days, that's no longer the prevailing etiquette. But why shouldn't it be?
Despite their grousing, most men don't mind getting the tuxedo out of the guest room closet and wearing it for a really classy party.
Asking your guests to join you in wearing formal attire will help you make your cremony and reception a truly festive event.
By simply printing 'Black Tie Invited' on your reception cards, you'll be requesting that the men attending your wedding wear tuxedos and that the women wear something equally fabulous - anything from a floor length gown to a dressy cocktail dress would be appropriate. Most of all, you'll make your guests feel like they are an important part of the celebration!
Not only will the day itself be more exciting, but the photos of all your family and friends dressed their best will make beautiful momentos to treasure forever.
A 'Black Tie Invited' wedding isn't for everybody, however. If many of your guests don't own tuxedos, or will find it a financial burden to rent one, don't make them uncomfortable by asking them to wear a tuxedo to your affair. Instead, you may suggest 'Black Tie Optional' on your invitations or nothing at all.
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