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The groom's brother (the best man) lives in Los Angeles. You live in Atlanta and that's where the wedding will be held. His flight arrives the day before the wedding. How do you acquire his measurements to order his tux if he's a whole country away?
Don't worry! You can solve this problem by downloading the Out-of-Town Groomsmen Measurement Form available here! Use the form as a tool to collect the tux measurements from any gentleman who is too far from your chosen Mister Penguin store to be measured.
Follow these steps to collect your tux measurements:
Step 1:
Download Out-of-Town Groomsmen Form
Become familiar with the form and the information required. Gathering measurements is simple, but very critical for a proper fit!
Step 2:
If your groomsmen have access to the Internet, they can visit this webpage and print the form themselves. To email a link, click here.
You may also choose to print a form for each of your groomsmen and drop the forms in the mail.
Step 3:
We suggest your groomsmen visit an authorized Jim's Formal Wear Retailer. He can Locate a Retailer here - (jimsformalwear.com will open in a new window).
Jim's Formal Wear is the parent company of Mister Penguin Stores. There are over 3000 Jim's Retailers across the nation.
Jim's Retailers have no affiliation with Mister Penguin Stores; they will not have information regarding your tux order or the wedding you may be in.
Simply instruct your groomsmen to visit their store and ask for a 'courtesy measurement.' Any Jim's Retailer will be happy to help and should provide this service at little or no cost!
Step 4:
Once your gentlemen have their measurements taken and the form completed, have them send the form to you!
Collect the forms and deliver or send them to your chosen Mister Penguin store at least four to six weeks prior to the date of your affair. They will pick up the tux ordering process from here!
Step 5:
Once the gentlemen get into town the week of the wedding, have them visit your Mister Penguin store to pick up their tuxes!
They should all try on their ensembles to make sure they properly fit before leaving the store. Your Mister Penguin store will be able to handle any last minute alterations at that time.
Encourage your groomsmen NOT to measure themselves, have a relative or friend measure them, or guess at their measurements!
Current measurements are the most accurate! Even though a gentleman may have been measured for a tuxedo recently, measurements can change. It's best to be measured again...
Have your gentlemen go to an Authorized Jim's Formal Wear Retailer to have measurements taken. If a Jim's Retailer is not close, a professional tailor or menswear shop is a good alternative. Some retailers may charge a small fee for this service.
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