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Tuxedos come in three basic lapel styles: notch, peak and shawl. Choosing one that's right for you is merely a matter of taste.
Notch Lapel Peak Lapel Shawl Lapel
Notch Lapel
A triangular indentation is cut where the lapel
joins the collar.
Peak Lapel
A broad V-shaped lapel that points up and out just below the collar line.
Shawl Lapel
A smooth, rounded edge lapel with a clean line.
Some of our more contemporary and fashion-forward styles go one step further when it comes to lapel design. Hints of a basic lapel are still present in some of these styles, but there's a little twist added making for lots of choices.
To see the lapel styles available, spend some time browsing our Tuxedo Collection
Lapel Examples
Calvin Klein Radnor Tuxedo   Stephen Geoffrey Cyprus Tuxedo
Notch Lapel Peak Lapel Shawl Lapel
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