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3 to 6 Months Before the Wedding...
Decide which Mister Penguin store you want to work with. Visit our Store Locator to find the store closest to you. You'll have access to the store address, phone number & hours of operation.
Visit the store to register your wedding and begin the tuxedo selection process.
You may also view styles on this website, order a brochure, or use theTUXedo Builder...
2 to 5 Months Before the Wedding...
Select your Tuxedo and Accessory Styles with your Mister Penguin store and place your order.
Contact any Out-of-Town Groomsmen you may have, and arrange for them to acquire their measurements locally. | Learn more
Consider sending an email with a link to our website showing your groomsmen the style they'll be wearing.
6 to 8 Weeks Before the Wedding...
Out-of-Town Groomsmen measurements should be collected and given to your Mister Penguin store.
The Groom and any local Groomsmen should visit your Mister Penguin store to be measured and fitted for their tuxedos.
1 Week Before the Wedding...
The groom and groomsmen should visit your Mister Penguin store 2-3 days before the wedding for final fittings, adjustments and to pick up the tuxedos. Make sure that each person tries on his tuxedo before leaving the store.
The First Business Day After the Wedding
Return the tuxedos to your Mister Penguin store. Late returns may be subject to a fee! Consider having the Best Man be responsible for this duty.
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