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Mister Penguin Classic Styles!
Top Hat, Formal Cane
and Tuxedo Gloves
Classic Styling!
To achieve the ultimate formal look of sophistication, add a Top Hat, Cane and a pair of formal gloves to your ensemble!
The finely crafted black felt Top Hat features a satin hat band and is available in men's sizes small, medium, large and
The Formal Cane is made of wood and available in two styles: black with white tips and white with white tips.
The Formal Gloves are available in white; one size fits most.
Please Note:
These items are for purchase only; contact or visit your Mister Penguin store for details.
Top Hat, Formal Cane and Tuxedo Gloves
The Top Hat, Cane and
Gloves are ideal accessories
to these classic tailcoats:
Classic Peak Fulldress Tuxedo
Classic Peak
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